Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Johann Heinrich Tischbein, German

The Two New Guys Being Warned It's Not a Great Idea to Wear Pink in Prison, 1785

Oil on canvas


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  2. As noted here, there were 3 artists with that name, just within the same family. This one also did a prior masterpiece, where you included Wilhelm in his name.

    He did at least 3 versions of this masterpiece, the two others shown here, and here (documented here, Google translated).

    He was known by several names, and, in fact, that support document's author website has that one cataloged under the name Wilhelm Tischbein (1751) (one of 81 currently cataloged there under that name, 9 others are under the name Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein). So, I think Wilhelm should be added, like the earlier masterpiece.