Sunday, December 11, 2016


Pavel Sokov, Canadian

"Of Course I Supported Trump.  I'm a White, Middle-Aged Male in a Historically Red State," 2016

Oil on canvas


  1. Except for the I Voted sticker, this is the portrait the artist painted in 2014, at Time magazine's request, when Putin was one of its Person of the Year runners-up.

    Google didn't find any other images with the I Voted sticker, at least not yet (my guess is this will be copied, and posted by others soon).

    By using the 2016 date along with the artist's name, you imply that is his doing. Is it?

    If not, I don't remember any other time you modified an actual painting used here, or am I forgetting some? If you modified it, I think you should acknowledge that here and anywhere else you post the image.

  2. I think you're right that this is the first time I've modified a painting, though I've played with the presentation before (e.g. Van Gogh: Me Goofing Around in a Mall Photo Booth). Let it be said here that Mr. Sokov is only responsible for the original image of Putin.