Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Carl Rottmann, German

Angry Tour Groups Wondering How This Piece of Crap Got Five Stars on Trip Advisor, 1850

Wax, oil, and resin on plaster


  1. This says it's Encaustic on plaster. Its museum online page (Google translated) says it's Resin and oil on plaster. This (Bing translated) also says it's Encaustic on plaster, but goes on to say the artist developed a special technique, which was a variation of ancient encaustic (hot wax) painting, involving wax, oil and resin mixtures. Maybe that's why the museum doesn't say encaustic.

    In any event, it's on plaster, not canvas.

    1. I've never heard of encaustic. Interesting. I've gone ahead and changed it to wax, oil, and resin on plaster, since that sounds like it might be the most accurate. Thanks, mabrndt!