Thursday, May 6, 2010


Carlos Schwabe, Swiss-German

Lady Gaga's High School Yearbook Photo, 1907

Oil on canvas


  1. Does Lady Gaga have a real name? I keep asking people and no one knows. It's creepy. Is she any good at what she does? And what does she do exactly? I know she's a singer, but is she good or does she lip synch? She wears outrageous clothes, but I don't think she's going to take over the world like Madonna. And can anyone tell me what a hollaback girl is? Gwen Stefani did that song with the refrain "I ain't no hollaback girl." No one can tell me what that means. The world is such a confusing place for a curious person like me. It's a good thing I have a vivid imagination. After I feel confused long enough, I make up an answer to my own question. It serves me well at work.


  2. LOL too funny! But it wouldn't surprise me if it was pretty close to this for real. She's definitely a strange person!

  3. Lady G. was born Stefani Germanotta. She sings well enough, though her songs tend toward the repetitive.